UPDATED: 5/23/22


How To Set up Your Account and Profile on americantutors.org
Questions? Email tutorsupport@americantutors.org

1) WELCOME TO AMERICAN TUTORS! WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE! Please print this page to have handy while you are creating your profile. Follow the instructions on this page.
REGISTER at this link: https://americantutors.org/tutor-registration-form/
using the password 1234.

2) After registering, then SIGN IN at top right of americantutors.org, using login you created. (Click red button at top right).

3) Click on your profile at top right. Then click on DASHBOARD.

4) Once in the DASHBOARD, you please READ the Tutor Procedures): To proceed here, you must have previously completed your application, Sparkhire video, and background check. You also must have previously e-signed and returned your Independent Tutor Contract and W9, via SignRequest to us).

5) SETUP YOUR TUTOR ACCOUNT. Click on your profile at top right. Then click on MY ACCOUNT. This is your internal account and information here will NOT be displayed to the public.
a) My Profile: Upload profile picture. This must be a photo of you that shows your face. We do not allow cartoon avatars or non-photo profile pictures.
b) Enter your First name, Last name, and PayPal business email.
c) Enter your “About Me” information as your full name, city, and state of residence. Ex. Jane Smith, New York, NY.
d) Enter your Phone number including area code (Just the number with no parenthesis and no dashes). Your phone number will NOT be displayed to the public. Save changes.

a) Click “Wallet” on your Tutor Dashboard (left).

b) Open a new tab and setup your PAYPAL BUSINESS ACCOUNT in a separate tab at Paypal.com. (It takes about 5 mins). Select “Business” account in PayPal. Then enter your individual name since you are an independent tutoring contractor. (No need to enter in a registered business). We require our tutors to have PayPal business accounts because PayPal provides 1099’s to you at the end of the year for us. Select business type “individual” in PayPal when prompted. American Tutors only pays tutors via PayPal “Business” Accounts. Tutors get paid via PayPal within a few business days of submitting their lesson summary to students. Note: You cannot submit your profile without your Business PayPal email being entered.

c) After setting up your business PayPal account, return to your tutor account in our website enter your PayPal email for that account into Wallet, under “SET PAYOUT METHOD.”

a) Click “Add Tutor Profile” on your Tutor Dashboard (left).

b) Check the box to confirm you agreed with your contract terms.

c) Click Proceed.

d) Add Profile/Basic Information – Tutor Full Name: Enter your name (First Last OR First, Last Initial).

e) Service Category: Choose Online, In Person, or Both Online & In Person.

f) Gender – Choose your gender.

g) City and Zip – Enter your city name and zip (no comma). Using the nearest metropolitan area is fine.

h) Profile Picture –Upload a professional headshot picture of yourself that shows your face. (This picture will appear to the public).

i) Bio Details – Enter a one-sentence summary, in first person, about you; or type in a motivational quote related to education or success.


k) Biography – Type one or two sentences about yourself.

l) Education & Licenses – List your degree(s) and educational license names. Include schools if possible.

m) Subjects & Courses – Type in all of the subjects and course titles you are available to tutor in. Use this format with the SUBJECT in bold caps and the course titles following the general subject area. (Students will search for subjects and course titles and if you have them listed, you will be returned in their search).
SUBJECTS: Course titles.
Ex. MATH: 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math, Math 1, Algebra, Calculus; SCIENCE: Chemistry, Middle School Science, High School Science, Anatomy & Physiology.

n) LISTING FIELDS – Location – Address (City, Zip); Google Maps (City, Zip); LISTING FIELDS-Gallery – Gallery on top; Add image; LISTING FIELDS – Prices – Minimum: Enter your hourly rate (no decimals, no dollar sign).

o) Cancellation Policy – Enter your own cancellation policy. Ex. 24 Hours cancellation notice is required to avoid session charge.

p) OPENING HOURS/SCHEDULE – Choose your availability (start and stop time) for each day IN 24:00 format. Select Time Zone. See 24-hour time chart at the end of this document. Opening Hours Status: Check the Box to enable to show your hours on your profile (required).

q) Listing Time Zone: Type in: HST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST, or EDT. Students will book tutoring sessions with you in your time zones. Lookup your time zone here: https://www.timetemperature.com/

r) Hourly Rate -Use the arrows to choose your hourly rate you will charge for your tutoring sessions. This is the rate the student will pay for your tutoring services. Our American Tutors 15% platform fee will be deducted from your hourly rate post-session.

s) Booking – Switch the toggle to the right.

t) Booking Prices and Settings – Enter your hourly rate again as a whole number with no decimals. Then switch toggle to right to “enable price per hour.”

u) Availability Calendar – Click the days you are NOT available for the next 2 months. You’ll need to update this in 2 months so mark your calendar.

v) SUBMIT your profile. It will go live once we review and approve it (usually within one-two days). If you need to change anything after submitting it, please email us.

a) Goto “Bookings” on your dashboard at the right.
b) Goto “Bookings” on the left side of your dashboard and click on “Pending” to approve your pending bookings. You will receive notice of your pending bookings by email.
c) To approve the booking, click “approve.”
d) If the date/time booked was a time you stated you were available on your profile, then you are obligated to approve the booking and to complete the session.
e) If due to extenuating circumstances you cannot do the date/time, then send the student a message directing them to choose another date(s)/time(s). Provide several options. Then reject the booking. Follow up with the student via our system messaging to coordinate the session.

9) YOUR AMERICAN TUTORS BUSINESS CARDS: We offer a free template for our tutoring contractors to use to print their own business cards. Your business card will have your personal tutor link, photo, and other information. Click the link in your tutor account dashboard to download the business card template and edit it. Don’t forget to change the QR code to the QR code that leads specifically to your profile. (Right click on you profile page and select ‘create QR code’).

10) POST-SESSION-HOW TO GET PAID: Once you’ve completed a tutoring session with a student, you need to create and submit your “Session Summary” to the student in your tutor account under “Bookings.” Goto your Approved Bookings, find the order, and make note of the student order number and email address. Then click “Send Summary.” Enter the order number, student name, and student email address. Write a one-sentence summary beginning with the date, of your session with the student. Then send the summary. Sending this summary triggers the charge to the student card on file. American Tutors approves the charge, and the funds will be deposited (less our 15% platform fee) within one week of your tutoring session (usually within a few days of your sending the summary). Your payment gets deposited into your PayPal business account.

11) Changes to your Tutor profile. Log back into your tutor account and click on “Tutor Profile.” Then click “Active.” Then click “Edit” on far right side of screen. When done editing, click “Submit” red buton at bottom of page.

12) ONLINE PLATFORM FOR YOUR TUTORING SESSIONS: As an Independent Tutor, you may choose whatever online platform you would like, however, American Tutors makes available its own live teaching platform for free use by its contracted tutors. Many tutors prefer to utilize Google Meet or Zoom. However, if you would like to use our platform for your online tutoring sessions, email tutorsupport@americantutors.org with the subject “ONLINE SESSIONS PLATFORM REQUEST” and we will email you instructions on how to access and set that up in our learning management system.

13) YOUR TUTOR ACCOUNT at AMERICANTUTORS.ORG: You may login and check the status of your bookings and payments 24/7.

14) ADVERTISING: Americantutors.org advertises nationwide but it is expected that the tutor advertise themselves as well. If you are an in-person tutor, advertise in your community with your business cards. If you are online, advertise your Americantutors.org tutor profile link online. If you are tutoring both online and in person, advertise for both. Be sure to utilize the business card template we provide. Share your American Tutors link on social media on Facebook, Twitter and others.

QUESTIONS? Email tutorsupport@americantutors.org. We look forward to working with you!

Course Designers and Instructors – If you are a tutor also interested in designing a course or being an instructor, please email us with the subject line “DESIGNER/INSTRUCTOR” and let us know.

Good luck tutoring and once again, WELCOME TO AMERICAN TUTORS!