Tutor FAQ’s


BOOKING A TUTOR ONLINE OR IN-PERSON: Students may search for and book a tutor by clicking on the FIND A TUTOR BY SUBJECT tab, or by going to the home page. Students may search for tutors by subject, course title, city, zip code, or hourly rate. Login is required to book a tutor. Tutoring sessions are paid for here by the Student post-session, with the exception of a small charge at booking for card validation. Students may message tutors once they create an account. Students will receive a tutoring session summary post-session. Students may review tutors after their session.

Questions? Please email support@americantutors.org

TAKING AN ONLINE COURSE: Click on “Courses” tab at the top to view our course catalog. We offer semi-synchronous courses in various subjects for Elementary through Grade 12 and beyond, many with live instructor sessions at least once per week.

American Tutors offers online and in-person tutoring, along with a variety of affordable online K-12, college-prep courses, and enrichment courses. Our online courses are asynchronous, semi-synchronous, or synchronous, depending on the course.

Our high school courses count for either 0.5 or 1 credit which the Student may use towards his or her homeschool transcript. All Students receive a Certificate of Completion after their successful completion of one of our courses. Students are assessed in the courses and grades are visible in our learning management system. Each 1 credit course corresponds to 120 hours of student work in the course. Check out our course offerings today! Our pilot courses launch in Spring 2022 and our full line of courses will launch in August 2022.”)

With American Tutors, you keep more of your tutoring money! 😊


Complete and submit your online job application at this link, including Resume upload. Be a Tutor

Complete and submit your short video interview via the link provided on your application above.

Receive email from us approving you to advance to the next steps:

  • Tutor Contract: Receive and review your Tutor Contract we email you.
  • W-9: Receive and e-sign your W-9 Form we email you.
  • Background Check – Purchase your background check order via link in Tutor Contract. Checkr.com will email you separately to confirm. (Note: We do not accept copies of background checks previously obtained by tutor; also please do Not order your own background check as we must order it through our account with Checkr).
  • Enter Background Check purchase reference # on your Tutor
  • E-sign and submit your W-9 Form we email you. (SSN is required on that form to receive a paycheck from us).
  • E-sign and submit your Tutor Contract, including filling in your chosen hourly rate, reference number for background check order.
  • Receive an email from us with your specific link to create your authorized American Tutors Tutor account.
  • Follow the directions in your account for how to set it up.
  • Enter your direct deposit payment information. “Paypal Business account email.”
  • Create your public Tutor Profile.
Choose to utilize American Tutors’ Tutoring Session platform if you’d like (See your account instructions).
  • Tutor Profile Activation – Once we receive your cleared background check, we will activate your authorized American Tutors online profile to the public.
  • Share your unique American Tutors profile link as many places as you like!
  • Start receiving booking requests and booking tutoring sessions!
  • Log your completed sessions & summaries into your account.

Get paid via your Paypal Business account within one week after you submit your completed lesson summary to your student via our system.