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  • You are an independent tutoring contractor.
  • Students book you online OR in person from YOUR TUTOR PROFILE here. 
  • We collect student payment and then pay you the Tutor through Paypal after you complete each lesson. 
  • You decide whether to tutor online, in person, or both.
  • You advertise your public profile link. We provide free printable business card template. 
  • American Tutors advertises nationwide on an ongoing basis.
  • We deduct platform fee (15%) -much less than other tutoring companies! 

Read and agree to your tutor contract here

Complete your TUTOR PROFILE FORM & upload W9. On this webpage.

INTERVIEW – Complete and submit your short Sparkhire video interview here: Or call 919-589-7225 for a 5 minute Phone Interview.

  • SETUP YOUR TUTOR ACCOUNT (RED SIGN IN BUTTON AT TOP OF WEBSITE). Follow instructions in Tutor Profile Form you already completed.
  • Tutor Profile Activation -Your profile will be published under “Find a Tutor” page on Note: All above steps must be complete prior to tutor profile activation to the public.
  • Share your unique American Tutors profile link as many places as you like!
  • Print business cards from our template if you like.
  • Start receiving booking requests and booking tutoring sessions!
  • Log your completed sessions & summaries into your account.

Get paid via direct deposit to your Paypal Business account within one week after you submit your completed lesson summary to your student via our system.


New Tutor Profile Form

This is the form Tutors will complete on the website to setup their Tutor Profile.

"*" indicates required fields

This is how your name will appear on your public profile. You may list your last initial rather than full last name if you'd like. Or listing entire last name is fine too.
PayPal Business Email*
You must have a PayPal business email setup first. If you don't have a PayPal account setup yet, just open a separate tab and set one up. It takes 5 minutes. A "business" PayPal is better for us than personal PayPal due to tax reporting at the end of the year. You are an independent contractor, so select that when setting up your PayPal account.
Online? In Person? Both?
Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, png, gif, Max. file size: 256 MB.
Upload your resume.
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 256 MB.
Upload a headshot of yourself (shoulders and up) showing your face. Cartoon avatars or non-face photos are not allowed. This should be a professional looking profile picture of just you. This picture will be on your public profile. (Please do not upload a picture of you with other people).
Enter a one-sentence summary, in first-person, about you; or type in your favorite motivational quote related to education or success.
Type in one or two summary sentences about yourself.
List your degree(s) and educational license names. Include schools if possible.
List all of the subjects and course titles in which you would like to tutor. List each main subject area in caps on their own line. The words you type in this field will be returned in a customer's search when they are searching for a tutor, so try to include all words they might use to find your type of tutor. Use this format: MATH: Calculus MATH: Algebra HISTORY: Western Civilization SCIENCE: Chemistry
Please enter a number greater than or equal to 20.
Enter the hourly rate you will charge students. This is the rate students will pay for your tutoring services. The American Tutors' 15% platform fee will be deducted from your hourly rate post-session.
Type in PACIFIC, MOUNTAIN, CENTRAL, EASTERN, HAWAIIAN, or ALASKA. If you are outside the USA, type in your country time zone from this website:
Ex. Mondays: 3pm-5pm; 7pm-9pm Tuesdays: Not Available Wednesdays: 7pm - 9pm NOTE: Bookings will be made in your time zone.
INTERVIEW - Sparkhire Video or Phone*
Which Interview will you do? (American Tutors requires either a Sparkhire short video or a 5-minute Phone Interview for all Tutoring Contractors).
After you submit this form, setup your tutor account with by doing this: Goto and click the Red Sign In Button at top right. Create a Tutor Account using password 1234. After creating your tutor account, click red sign in button again to sign into it. Enter the login information you created. Click in the upper right corner circular blank profile pic for the yellow drop down menu. Click "My Account." Upload your tutor account picture (different from public tutor profile pic; can be same image). Enter your name and PayPal email again there. Enter your City and State there as well. Enter your phone number (no dashes).
SETUP YOUR WALLET. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL GET PAID. In your tutor account, goto the menu on the LEFT side of the screen and click WALLET. Enter your PayPal business email. Click on "SET PAYOUT METHOD" and ensure your PayPal email is listed. Explore your tutor account. On the LEFT side of your screen, click DASHBOARD where there will be helpful tips in the center section. Also click MESSAGES on the left. Messages is where you may communicate with students. Click BOOKINGS. This is where you will be notified of bookings. Log into your tutor account at least once a day to check for bookings. You should also receive an email if you have a booking request. POST-SESSION SUMMARIES: You are required to send a one-sentence session summary post-session to your student in order to get paid for the session. Send your summary through BOOKINGS. Admin gets a copy of your summary which triggers your session payment to be made to you. (Student's card is placed on hold at booking, but not fully charged until after you send them your session summary).
Summary of What to Do Next. Click "I understand" after you read the description below. It's a good idea to print or save these instructions.*
I understand that after I complete this tutor profile form here, I need to complete all the STEPS shown on the Be a Tutor Page before my profile will be published. After submitting this form, allow 1-2 business days after you have completed all the steps, for your profile to appear to the public. NOTE: If you need to edit your Tutor Profile, you can either email support to have those changes made, or you can enter them yourself. If you enter them yourself, be sure to click on the DOWN ARROW next to MY TUTOR PROFILE on left side of screen then click 'ACTIVE' profile. Do NOT "Add profile." Please send questions to WELCOME! WE ARE GLAD TO HAVE YOU! HAPPY TUTORING!
I will download the W9 form here, fill it in, and upload it in the next question:*
Max. file size: 256 MB. American Tutors requires Tutor Independent Contractors to have a completed W9 on file before we can publish your Tutor profile. Click above link, fill out form, save it, then upload it here. You may also email your completed W9 to or mail it to us via snail mail.
Completing My Application*
I'll now go back to Step 4 at home page and complete my interview and Step 5 ACCOUNT SETUP. I will read Optional Step 6.